Of compromises in 2018 took less than an hour to manifest

Of legitimate websites have unpatched vulnerabilities.

Of Small Businesses allocate $O to cyber security.

Of Businesses have successfully been hacked and don't even know it.

Of legitimate websites have unpatched vulnerabilities.

Of Small Businesses allocate $O to cyber security.

Of all attackers are insiders, either malicious or inadvertent.

Is the initial detection rate for a newly created virus.

Tiered Levels of IT

Managed IT Services

Augury’s Managed IT Infrastructure Services provide all these features and more. Further, everything is done in-house and with a team comprised of “over-qualified talent”. This means that the experts designing and deploying your infrastructure are the same experts maintaining it. This is absolutely key to the success of any design and its attendant cybersecurity - we cannot emphasize enough the tremendous advantage this brings to the client. There are residual advantages that comes from our approach: it eliminates finger-pointing and avails creativity in design, leading to multiplicative results.

As you can see, Augury takes a different approach when it comes to tackling infrastructure deployment and cybersecurity concerns. We provide value, innovation, assurance, integrity, and cyber security in every customer interaction. Augury’s managed services model optimizes IT system security, performance, and reliability by going above and beyond industry best practices. This is required in a world of unrelenting attacks waged by hackers and cyber criminals. We want you to feel confident and secure leaving your infrastructure where it belongs: in highly capable hands.

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How vulnerable are you? Really?

Attacks can target; hardware, firmware, wearables, BYOD devices, Internet of Things and through API’s. Attacks can target employee systems, cloud services, or direct to employees including malware, ransomware, and denial of services attacks. Attacks could be just simple human error creating IT Security “holes.”
70% of enterprises will be attacked or incur some cyber security issues every year. It is going to happen…. So get prepared. Augury can help. It makes sense to have your managed service provider also provide you IT security services on the devices they already manage.

IT Security now requires more resources, more skills

As sophisticated as IT breaches have become, some of the most practical solutions are quite simple. However, these solutions require constant attention and monitoring of employees, devices, and IT systems. The problem is companies have IT staff fixing IT infrastructure problems, end-user issues and working on internal projects. Without an “eyes-on” approach by skilled IT security professionals, you are leaving your company vulnerable to IT security breaches.

Why Solutions are NOT Simple, and it takes certified trained IT Security Experts

Broad and complicated attack tactics
The IT environment continues to expand and changeSynoptek Website Protection
Perpetrating breaches is getting easier
Compromised credentials and broken authentication
Bad guys only need to find one crack in your IT Security Wall
Hacked API’s (many API interfaces are open)
Account Hijacking
IT Administrator errors
Skills of your IT security staff

How can Augury IT Security Services Protect Me?

We become their virtual CISO. For the CISO, the scarcest resource, even for those organizations with larger budgets, is often skilled security staff. Due to this scarcity, they often make compromises on their security posture and find it hard to take on new security initiatives. They just can’t keep up with all of the quickly evolving threats and changing array of security protection tools. Augury provides experienced security practitioners so busy CISOs or companies without CISOs, can keep up with new threats and government compliance requirements. Engaging our “Security as a Service” model is very simple and allows a firm to budget a fixed operating expense for outsourced security experts, as well as security solutions that would otherwise require hardware and software outlay

Augury IT Services will increase your business performance

We use the best IT service management platforms and ITIL-based processes to provide our clients with superior cloud hosting, IT infrastructure monitoring, and 24-7 Help Desk Support for increased productivity and simplified IT. Augury delivers reliable, secure, scalable, and cost-effective IT management and support: