Business Hours

  • We are available 24x7. We keep your business technology effective and on-task, no matter when, where, or what you are doing.

Augury Tips

  • If your wireless infrastructure was deployed earlier than January 2018, it has a fundamental security flaw that must be addressed.

On-site Assessments

  • IT and risk assessments, regarding the state of your technology and the myriad applications the future will bring to your business.

Key Features

Your Security

The security of your infrastructure can be calculated simply: The talent implementing your solutions multiplied by the talent maintaining them. If you have a zero on either side, you know what you're left with.

Our Security

Everything we do is designed and deployed with your security in mind. When businesses today are like fish in a barrel, let us break you out and run your security detail.

Professional IT

When “good enough” is not good enough, you need results, not lip service. Let us deliver your IT Dream Team.

Managed IT Services

Every device and technology you depend on is maintained, monitored, and supported 24x7. We proactively manage and improve your devices both remotely and on-site.

No Compromises

We do not compromise your security or reliability, just like we will never compromise our quality of service for the sake of accelerated growth.

Cloud Hosting

Every business is different, as is the cost:benefit matrix for Cloud computing. Lets discuss the right blend of hybrid cloud to maximize your business processes.

Wireless Networking

We build wireless infrastructures as secure and reliable as any physical network for your business. Unplug with Augury.

Attack Surface

From Red Teaming to Blue Teaming, let Augury provide the cloak of invisibility to your business assets. We will shrink and harden your attack surface. Augment your attack surface with Augury.

Disaster Recovery

“Backup” has long been obsolete. Let us build the best continuity solutions in the business. Recover from disasters with immediacy.

Emergency Response

Our response times are unheard of. As a client, you will call directly into a Level 3 engineer. No call centers, no hold times. 24x7.

Managed Anti-Virus

Managed Anti-Virus is a mere first (of many) line of defense with Augury. Once fully deployed, you couldn’t get infected if you tried. Seriously.

Proud Partners

Client Testimonial

Our entire legal system is premised on the sanctity of the attorney-client privilege. In our ongoing battle to protect client data Augury is our watchtower, Seal Team 6 and DARPA. Always looking for vulnerabilities, quickly eradicating known threats and constantly developing new defensive technologies. Not having him on our team would constitute malpractice.


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