Unheard of in the industry: we combine cybersecurity expertise with our unlimited support agreements.

Augury IT was assembled and comprised of the best talent available, on the platform of excellence. We sought to be the answer to the plague of status quo IT providers. What we supply that others either do not or cannot, is the aptitude, responsiveness, quality, reliability, ease, and security of technical solutions. We’re not paid to learn (we do that in our free time) – We’re paid to PERFORM. And that’s what we do. The cybersecurity of any entity can be calculated with a simple formula–the talent implementing your technical solutions, multiplied by the talent maintaining them. Hence, the most reliable way to protect data and continuity is for top-tier expertise to oversee both sides of the process. It is absolutely essential to ensure that the aptitude for maintaining an organization’s infrastructure is the same performing the architecture and deployment. Once businesses discover that secure and reliable technology is attainable with existing budgets, it’s like a lightbulb goes off in their head and they begin to wonder why nobody else is providing this level of service, security, and comfort.

• Flat-fee, unlimited support model (Feel good and easily project your IT expenses)
• More affordable than full-time IT (It will feel like we're fulltime, but we don't cost it)
• No long-term contracts (We will earn your business every month)
• We don’t succeed unless you do (We work hard to implement autonomy to your IT)
• We focus on perpetual proactive solutions - you stay efficient and we stay proactive, building autonomy and robustness into your network.
• Premier expertise and professionalism. (prepared for and welcoming of any challenge)
• We do not upsell or require costly upfront sales.
• We only offer one plan: Success.
• You can rest assured that you are in good hands. Reliable infrastructures and designs.

Peace of mind from knowing quality doesn’t cost; it pays.

Garett Moreau
Chief Information Adviser
Augury IT

Cyber Security & Risk Assessment FAQs

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is nothing more than a subcategory of the larger Information Protection and Cyber Defence topic; it’s not new or novel. It is though; a symptom of today’s businesses suffering at the hands of cyber criminals. Cyber Security has gained recognition purely because businesses are experiencing a commercial loss, and quite rightly so business managers have moved this topic up their agenda. You only have to look at the daily press to see yet another story of a business being hacked.

Why is Cyber Security now so topical?

To put this into perspective, Cyber Security is becoming a problem for all businesses due to a perfect storm of events that singularly would not cause too much concern, together though they have created the current situation that has led to so many cyberattacks

How can I determine the right controls and policies for our system?

Systems and host platforms are the typical targets for cyber attacks. It is via the penetration of these, that cyber threats succeed. The solution is a service designed to measure and report on the strength of a systems configuration, and its ability to resist an attack. Typically suited to high risk (public facing) or high value (key assets) systems or platforms, where a tangible objective security measurement is needed, either to:

1. Confirm that existing controls are implemented and operational, as per prescribed policies.
2. Identify security improvements to host systems.


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