Working in Cybersecurity

Whether from students, recent graduates, professionals looking to make a change, or just people making light conversation, I am frequently asked, “What it is like working in cybersecurity?” While most folks think we just install anti-virus all day, wearing black hoodies and Guy Fawkes masks, we actually don’t.

Encryption Is Not THE Answer

In regard to Cybersecurity - which for now, we will define as "the practice of securing your electronic assets," encryption is only a piece of any over-arching solution or defense strategy. Government, business, and personal, encryption is [a part of] the answer to some attack vectors but certainly not all of them. The attack vectors in which encryption are...

Law Firms: An Irresistible Target of Cyber Attacks

With cyber attacks increasing, law firms are perhaps the largest target of cyber attacks in 2018. The pressure is on for these firms to properly safeguard...

FBI Warns: Reboot Your Router Now to remove VPNFilter Malware!

The FBI has taken over the domain hosting the "VPNFilter" malware, which was part of a botnet that infected over 500,000 devices in over 50 countries.

Top Cyber Attack Vectors of 2018

In 2017, Natural Disasters costed the Global Economy $300 Billion, while Cyber Crime closed in on $4 Trillion. In the same period, Global Cyber Security Spend was $86.4 Billion.

Protecting Small Businesses Regardless of the Largest CIA Leak to Date

How do we secure what we have? Two parts: Hardware with the capability and Talent with the aptitude.

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